Planning a Wedding durning Covid-19 Pandemic


How to plan a wedding durning the covid-19 pandemic

If you have found yourself planing a wedding right in the middle of the Covid-19 virus you may be looking towards at your Wedding vendors for guidance. If your confused on which direction to go, we understand. No-one predicted 2020 Wedding couples would be effected by a pandemic, but we are here to help you navigate your options.


Should you Reschedule or Cancel?

In order to utilize your current vendors and not lose money we highly suggest rescheduling. The best way to reschedule your date is to reach out to your venue and all vendors such as: Photographer, videographer, DJ, Florist.

Support Small Businesses

Know that by rescheduling your date means you are helping your wedding vendors in the long run. By doing this, you are supporting their small business by keeping their lights on, and food on the tables for their families. Know that we appreciate this more than you could ever realize!


Reach out to your Vendors ASAP

The best advice I can give you is to reach out to your vendors and open up the lines of communication. We have personally reached out to all of our couples that are affected by this. Ask your vendors what your options are. Talk to them about your ideal backup plan. Make sure you chat with your venue and find out what dates they have available to reschedule. Be sure to ask your vendors if they are open for those dates. Once you lock in a new date for 2020, please make sure you are signing a new contract that reflects those changes made. If you are an April, May, June couple I highly suggest reaching out to all of your vendors immediately. You are the couples who are at risk. If you are July wedding I would hold off for now. Give yourself a little time to see where this is all heading.

To quickly recap:

  1. Contact all vendors and open up the lines of communication

  2. Kindly request from your venue dates available to reschedule for 2021-2022

  3. Check in with your wedding vendors on the venues availability.

  4. Compare which date works best for venue + wedding vendors

  5. Request that your venue pencils you in for new 2021-2022 date

  6. Request that you vendors pencil you in for new 2021-2022 date

  7. Sign new contracts for new 2021-2022 date

  8. Update guests on new date

Does your vendor have a team

Now is the time to find out if your vendors have a team. Vendors with teams offer the ability to cover more rescheduled dates. Some vendors with teams can help offer more flexibility on rescheduled dates.

Consider less popular dates

If you are in the position to reschedule your date with your venue and vendors make sure you keep all of your options open. Consider Friday and Sunday wedding dates as well as weekdays.

Avoid Holidays

Try to steer clear of holidays like the fourth of july, labor day, halloween and even NYE. Most vendors will already be booked for those dates.

Wedding Dress

Get ahold of the store you bought your dress through. Find out the status of your wedding dress as well as bridal dresses.


Direct your wedding guests to your wedding website

In order to keep your Wedding Guests up to date create a Wedding Website with recent updates. Also consider a private facebook group for guests as well.

You can utilize these companies to create your FREE wedding website. Be sure to click on the companies name and our website will re-direct you to their page.

  1. The Knot

  2. Wedding Wire

  3. Zola

Hotel & Airport Transportation

Get ahead of this early and find out what the policy is for cancelling with your hotel. Ask if they will offer credit to guests that have already paid for lodging.

Also consider doing the same for any guests that required airport transportation. you recommended. Relay all travel information to your guests as soon as possible.

Wedding Insurance

Consider investing in wedding insurance incase anything else shall arise this year.

Consider moving your Wedding Shower Date

If you are one of the couples effected by the Covid-19 virus consider moving your wedding shower date sooner rather than later.




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