Engagement Session Guide

What to wear

Now that you’ve secured your Wedding Venue and your Wedding date its time to prepare for your engagement session!

When should we Shoot our Engagement Session?

I highly suggest shooting your engagement session 6-8 month’s prior to the wedding.

When is the best time of day to shoot our engagement session?

Our favorite time to shoot sessions is durning golden hour. Golden hour appears 1 hour prior to sunset. This helps us achieve that warm sunset feel to your photos.

Do you have location sessions?

Absolutely! We have plenty of metropolitan and nature locations we can suggest. will work with you to bring your vision to life.


I always tell my clients don’t worry! We are here to help you. We do not expect you to show up to your session knowing what to do, or how to pose. We are going to keep this super fun and casual! We are going to use prompts to help pose you guys and capture your true personalities.

Hair + Makeup

Its always a great idea to have your makeup/hair professionally done for your engagement session! If you feel comfortable, leave that hair down and we can get some epic shots with your hair blowing in the wind.



Ladies make sure your nails are painted a neutral color. We always attempt to get a close up shot of your hands + ring. Light pale pinks, tans, off white colors look really pretty


Wardrobe What To Wear:


Long Flowy Dress are always a great idea! Any dress with an open back photograph extremely well. Another great style of dress are tube top style dresses that leave the women’s décolleté open. Dresses that are off the shoulder give us the ability to create more poses. I will attach a photo below that can help with more emotive imagery. Ladies when picking a material try dresses with lace, tule, sequence. Neutral colors are best! Look for colors like tan, taupe, cream, blush, mauve. Plain patterns preferred over busy patterns. We want to avoid bright colors at all costs. Remember, we want you guys to remain the focus and not your wardrobe. For shoes its a great idea to wear heels. Stick with neutral colors for shoes as well!

engagement_field_session_western_pa_engagement_photographer_018 (1).jpg


When picking out a wardrobe lets dress to impress! Neutral colors are always best. For shirts look for long shirts with plain colors with no texture/design. Colors that photograph best are tans, taupes, cream, baby blue, pale blues, light grays. Avoid long sleeve shirts that have lines and logos in them. Try layering and a long sleeve with a dark blue/ dark grey blazer! We can switch up your wardrobe a few times by using layers. For shoes stick to dress shoes to really pull the entire outfit together!

What not to wear:

  • No rings other than your engagement ring

  • No clothing with logos

  • No watches

  • No bracelets, chunky necklaces, dangle earrings.

  • No hair ties around the wrist

  • No sunglasses

  • No Hats

  • No glasses that transition in the shade.

Groom Pep Talk

I always recommend catching the groom up to speed with the engagement session. Its safe to say most guys hate photos, and thats okay! Its okay if this is not their cup of tea. What I’ve learned from my brides in the past is bribery goes along way! Let your guy know you’ll cook him his favorite meal if he comes with his game face on!

“Im awkward, photos make me nervous!”

I know that its hard to be in front of the camera, I get that! I have no expectations from you guys, other than the fact that I want you to come to your session with a positive attitude and an open mind. Its my job to make it not awkward for you guys and to really help you guys come out of your shells.



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