Reasons to do a First Look on your Wedding Day



Before you make your final decision on a first look, take some time to consider the potential benefits of this new tradition!


Lets start at the very beginning. What is a first look?

A first look is when the couple chooses to see each other for the first time on the day of their wedding. This engagement is done prior to the ceremony. This moment is meant to be very private. Only the couple, photographer, videographer should partake in this. The groom is asked to stand in a set location, while the bride walks up behind him. She will tap him on the shoulder, and that is when he will get to turn around and see his beautiful bride for the first time in a more private setting.


Why do couples choose to do a first look?

More time in the Wedding Day Schedule – Brides and Grooms chose to have a first look for many reasons. If you chose to do a first look, it will allow you more flexibility in your wedding day schedule. You can start your portraits of the Bride and Groom earlier in the day, as well as bridal and family portraits. Traditionally, most of those pictures happen after the ceremony, leaving the couple no choice to partake in the cocktail hour. By doing a first look and building that extra time into your wedding day you now have opened your timeline up for more possibilities. Image how much time you’ll save by using cocktail hour to thank your family/friends and guests for coming to the wedding. Rather then the 1-1.5 hours you would spend durning the reception thanking everyone. This now allows the Bride and Groom more time at the reception to spend celebrating, dancing, and having a good old time!


Calm your nervous – Are you the kind of bride who is not used to having eyes on you? Maybe someone who gets nervous easily? I know the day of my wedding I was most nervous about walking down the aisle and having everyone starting at me. When we decided to do a first look, it calmed my nerves and kept me at ease. Seeing my future husband moments before the ceremony really grounded me. Even to this day, when I look back on our most cherished photos from our wedding day, I am always drawn to our first look images. They are very dear and true to my heart.

There was so much emotion in that moment, and I was thankful to have our photographer capture it. 




First looks with your parents

You can also do a first look with your parents as well! These moments also hold so much value and emotion. Check out some images below with our brides having a first look with their parents!






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