Pittsburgh Maternity Photographers, Katrina + Anthony


Katrina recently contacted me earlier this summer about scheduling her Pittsburgh Maternity photos for herself and Anthony. When she told me she was interested in shooting a session at a winery I was excited to help bring her vision to life. Right off the bat I imaged how gorgeous she would look in a stunning red dress with her beautiful red hair paired with a green back round Greendance winery had to offer!

Durning our session Katrina and Anthony were extremely open and trusted the client process we provided them. They were so easy going, and these two both showed up dressed to impress! I was overly excited with how well Anthony dressed himself. These two paired in the beautiful country side looked like something straight out of pinterest!

Once we got to the property we were really excited to see that Greendance also had an apple orchard as well! We all agreed, the apple trees would also compliment their colors and make for a cool background. We strolled around the property utilizing different areas and locations. Durning our time together Katrina was experiencing Braxton Hicks. Her pains reminded me of what it felt like being pregnant. Womens bodies are an amazing thing. They go through 9 months of sacrificing their bodies to create a beautiful tiny human. The entire process is nothing short of amazing. I was so impressed with how well Katrina handled the pain. She pushed through the hard pains and managed to rock her entire session. YOU GUYS, WOMEN ARE STRONG.



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