McConnells Mill Engagement Photos



McConnells Mill Engagement Photos | Lauren + Andy


We met Lauren and Andy up in North at McConnells Mill. I love when a couple wants to shoot in nature. Once Lauren told me they wanted to shoot in the woods at McConnells Mill because it reminded them of their cabin in Cooks Forest, I knew immediately we were going to create magically images together! Theres nothing I love more than hiking around nature with my couples photographing their engagement session in Mother Nature.

We started casually in the woods, capturing candid moments and posed shots. I would stop them every so often because the lighting peaking through the trees would catch my interest. We were lucky, as the state park was almost secluded that day with not many hikers. The park was free for range for our creatively levels at that point!







  1. Lauren says:

    You are so talented and are incredibly sweet. We LOVED working with you and Stefan on the engagement shoot! Thank you guys so much. Can’t wait for the wedding!

  2. Kelly Giles says:

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!!! Best wishes to the stunning bride and handsome groom xoxo

  3. Emily Boyd says:

    These images are AMAZING!!! You are sooooooo talented!!! I could look at your pictures all day long!! <3 <3

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